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Owner James Paul Ellison was a policeman for 15 years and has been a PI for over 30 years. James also has a 4-year degree in Criminal Justice.

James Paul Ellison

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Verify the quality of our work by sending an email to Doug Bagwell of Carr Allison Law Firm DBagwell@Carrallison.com.

Verify the Quality of our Work

Verify the quality of our work by sending an email to Insurance Claim’s Manager Linda Savage Lsavage@chevron.com.

CSG Services we Offer



We use an 8, 10, or 12-hour Surveillance day

  • 8-hour day from 6 AM – 2 PM $800
  • 10-hour day from 6 AM – 4 PM $1,000
  • 12-hour day from 6 AM – 6 PM $1,200

You choose the number of days and the number of hours.

A second surveillance PI is available at $50/hr.



Just tell us what you want to be investigated.

Background Check

$750/flat fee
  • Know who you are hiring.
  • Make sure applicants are who they claim to be.
  • Help protect your company, your employees, your clients, and your family.
  • Any criminal record? Find out for sure.


$750/flat fee

We can help locate missing persons.

Witness Statements

$750/flat fee

The idea is that the witness will provide factual information about the situation or persons involved so that the judge or mediator can make a better-informed decision on the matter. These statements are most common in child custody, divorce, and settlement cases.

Examples of our Surveillance

The claimant alleges he is 100% disabled and can never work again.

While under surveillance, we videoed him working as a mechanic.

He is being paid cash under the table at his brother’s service garage.

The female claimant stated she could not drive. The insurance company was paying for the woman’s taxi rides to and from all medical appointments, plus to her place of employment & back home which was located 10 miles away.

The investigators document the claimant in the morning being driven by a taxi to her place of employment. Then at 5 pm, the taxi would drive the woman back to her residence.

At 6:30 pm, our crew documented the woman driving her own vehicle to different clothing stores.

The insurance company stopped the free taxi rides based on our video.

No charge for travel. Our coverage area is all of the state of Mississippi, and Mobile, AL.
We will travel farther if needed.
Surveillance is the art of waiting. If you wait long enough, your subject will be active.

James Paul Ellison, PI Agency Owner, spent 15 years as a police officer in Miami Beach, Florida. He has been a private investigator for 33 years. James has a four-year degree from Florida International University in Miami, Florida, in Criminal Justice and is living in Gulfport, Mississippi.

James Paul Ellison, the owner of CSG writes novels. His book website is www.jamespaulellison.com

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